Software Development

Swansea City FC SmartPhone Application


This project was part of my third year project with Swansea University. I was given freedom to invent an application that would improve fan engagement with the club and its supporters. As a fan of Swansea City FC and a regular attendee of the Liberty Stadium, I knew of the struggle it was to purchase a raffle ticket from one of few raffle sellers before each home game. Especially if you were pushed for time or the weather wasn't the best (which, in Wales, is quite often).

I therefore developed an IOS application that would digitalize this procedure and allow fans to purchase a raffle ticket on their Apple device, view their raffle ticket number and be notified of the winning ticket. The backend of the project involved a concurrent server that enabled many tickets to be purchased, log the buyers information, and relay back a raffle ticket number. The server was able to generate a random ticket, and use the push notification service to notify everyone of the winning name and ticket.
For security reasons I built an archiving system that would to store all purchases, along with the customers details and their allocated raffle ticket number. I also implemented connection errors for when customers' connections are interrupted when purchasing tickets.
To see the fully functioning application see the attached pictures, along with the finalized code.

Swansea City FC SmartPhone Application

Company: Swansea University/Swansea City FC
Category: Software Development
Start Date: ??
Finish Date: ??

Languages Used

  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL

Software Used

  • Sublime Text
  • xCode/iOS Simulator
  • Parse Cloud Database
  • Eclipse
  • Photoshop


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