Web Development

Super Cup Series Websites


I was lead Web Developer for the development of 5 database driven websites. The principle behind these websites were to construct individual sites for each of the Team Tours Direct's football tournaments. The content of this site included registrations of teams, Rules and Regulations of the tournaments, presenting the accommodation and excursions on offer, galleries, etc.
I was responsible for front-end & back-end development, SEO tasks and other general tasks.
Each of these sites use the same code, from the same directory, and depending on which url the user uses, changes the content from the database. With this in mind it was constructed with a crm built especially for each of these sites, so that other employees could add/update/remove content without the knowledge of code. Due to the speed of the development of these sites, I also assisted in production of the brochures using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. To meet the deadline demands of completion.

Project Name

Company: Team Tours Direct
Category: Web Development
Start Date: ??
Finish Date: ??
URLS: www.WelshSuperCup.com
URLS: www.EnglishSuperCup.com
URLS: www.DubaiSuperCup.com
URLS: www.TurkishSuperCup.com
URLS: www.ManchesterCup.com

Languages Used

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • SQL
  • (PHP MYAdmin)