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Java Photo Editor


Fundamentals: Image sampling and quantization. Digital images. Storage and pixels. Perception, human visual system. Gamma correction. Mathematical background. Image Processing: Representation — sizing, re-scaling, rotation, colour components, brightness and colour models, histograms, histogram equalization, nearest neighbour, bilinear and tricubic interpolation. Processing techniques — JPEG compression, quantization, antialiasing, filtering, convolution, dithering, edge detection and denoising. Image Synthesis: Ray tracing — modelling scenes, accelerating ray tracing using bounding volumes and octrees, fundamental primitives, lighting and illumination, shadows, reflections and transparency. Applications: Volume data and rendering — isosurfacing, volume rendering, Maximum Intensity Projection

Java Photo Editor

Company: Swansea University
Category: Software Development
Start Date: ??
Finish Date: ??

  • Image sampling and quantization
  • Digital images
  • Storage and pixels
  • Perception, Human Visual System
  • Gamma Correction
  • Mathematical background


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