Software Development

Java CSV Reader


This piece of software was written from scratch in Java. For the Software Engineering module spanning the two semesters in my second year in University. It initially consisted of a collaboration between 6 group members for the first semester, and then the second semester was based on upgrading the software individually. The specification was to be able to Load data from a CSV File and display it in a table. Whilst also being able to make a number of charts from the dataset. Not included in the specification of the project I added a save feature which would save the project that the user is working on. This included saving the dataset and all the charts in an XML format.

I was able to integrate personalization of the charts such as changeable colours, axis, labels, titles, authors and add a description. Furthermore I implemented a delay on the slideshow, with pausing and resuming. The slideshow is capable of comparing 2 different (or the same) CSV files, with selectable X and Y axis.
To See the fully functioning CSV Reader, see the video and images. I have also attached the code and jar file for referencing too.

Java CSV Reader

Company: Swansea University
Subject: Software Engineering (CS-230 & CS-235)
Category: Software Development
Start Date: September 2012
Finish Date: June 2013

  • Java
  • JFreeChart API
  • Eclipse
  • Group Collaboration
  • Importing 2 CSV Files
  • Adding An Author And A Description
  • Changing The Slice Colours
  • Displaying Both Scatter Plot Graphs
  • Setting The Axis For The Slideshow
  • Pause And Resume Slideshow Buttons
  • Setting Of The Slideshow Delay
  • Changable CSV Files