Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Bradley Coles-Perkins
  • Date of birth: 15 June 1992
  • Nationality: British
  • Current City: Swansea
  • Phone: 07891348454
  • Email: bradleycolesperkins@gmail.com


I am a passionate, hard working and highly motivated person with a strong interest in programming and computing. I am a very determined person that will tackle any problem set, which I have seen reflected in my responsibilities, results and comments. I have worked on numerous projects with set deadlines, and take pride in coding to consistently high standards. I am sufficiently capable of working individually as well as in a group, and always aim to achieve superior results.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2014 June - Present

Team Tours Direct

Technium 2,
Kings Road,

Web Developer

Thoughout my time within Team Tours Direct I completed many projects. The first involved upgrading the previous Team Tours Direct website which is the front end of the business's success. Once completing the upgrade, I then built a portfolio website for the company that showcased the business's previous and current partners. Along with the services the company offers to interested organisations. My next task was to create captivating websites for the major events Team Tours Direct offer. Following the events websites I built a brand new Team Tours Direct database driven website that was capable of adding/removing events and packages from a CMS which was also built subsecuently. Throughout these standout projects, tasks such as SEO improvements, website analytics, graphical and illustrational assignments, networking activities, and many more were performed.

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2013 August - 2014 June

Application Development

Swansea University
Singleton Park,

iOS Development

SmartPhone Application Development (Swansea City FC)
This project was part of my third year project with Swansea City Football Club. I was given freedom to invent an application that would improve fan engagement with the club and its supporters. As a fan of Swansea City FC and a regular attendee of the Liberty Stadium, I knew of the struggle it was to purchase a raffle ticket from one of few raffle sellers before each home game. Especially if you were struggling for time or the weather wasnt the best (which, in Wales, is quite often). I therefore developed an IOS application that would digitalize this procedure and allow fans to purchase a raffle ticket on their Apple device, view their raffle ticket number and be notified of the winning ticket. The backend of the project involved a concurrent server that enabled many tickets to be purchased, log the buyers information, and relay back a raffle ticket number. The server would then be able to generate a random ticket, and use the push notification service to notify everyone of the winning name and ticket.

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2008 July


Beacons Park,
LD3 9br

Local Furniture Company

At the age of 16 I created a fully functional website for a local furniture company that approched me to setup the web hosting and build the website. The website was an informative website that displayed the numerous furniture they offered in their stores throughout South Wales, contact information and forms and also geo locations for directional purposes.

2008 June

NHS Health Care

Bronllys Hospital,
Mansion House,

Web Developer (Work Experience)

My two weeks work experience within the NHS I.T. department involved having access to the NHS webpages and updating old information, creating new webpages, notifying employees of certain information and material, and countless everyday tasks. I was also shown the servers and taught about the networking service, along with how the departments infrastructure is arranged.

My Education


2011 September - 2014 July

Swansea Univerity

BSC (Hons) Computer Science.

First Class Honours Degree

Computer Science Course Structure

Third Year

  • Writing Mobile Apps (CS-306)
  • High Integrity Systems (CS-313)
  • Internet Computing (CS-338)
  • Project Implementation and Dissertation (CS-344)
  • Project Specification and Development (CS-354)
  • Building Reliable Web Applications (CS-348)
  • Mobile Interaction Design (CS-349)
  • Embedded Systems (CS-368)
  • High-Performance Computing in C/C++ (CS-358)
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications (CS-345)

Second Year

  • Declarative Programming (CS-205)
  • Concurrency (CS-210)
  • Software Engineering (CS-230)
  • Software Engineering 2 (CS-235)
  • Database Systems (CS-250)
  • Computer Graphics (CS-255)
  • Algorithms (CS-270)
  • Automata And Formal Language Theory (CS-275)

First Year

  • Programming 1 (CS-110)
  • Programming 2 (CS-115)
  • Professional Issues 1: Computers and Society (CS-130)
  • Professional Issues 1: Software Development (CS-135)
  • Concepts of Computer Science 1 (CS-150)
  • Concepts of Computer Science 2 (CS-155)
  • Modelling Computing Systems 1 (CS-170)
  • Modelling Computing Systems 2 (CS-175)

2003 Sept - 2008 July

Coleg Powys Brecon

I.T. Practitioner - BTEC Level 3

Triple Distinction

I.T. Practitioners Course Structure

  • Computer Systems (Unit 2)
  • Information Systems (Unit 3)
  • Advanced Database Skills (Unit 5)
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Skills (Unit 6)
  • Communication Technologies (Unit 8)
  • Human Computer Interaction (Unit 13)
  • Organisational Systems Security (Unit 15)
  • Principles of Software Design and Development (Unit 18)
  • Website Production and Management (Unit 21)
  • Digital Graphics and Computers (Unit 24)
  • Principles of Computer Networks (Unit 27)
  • e-Commerce (Unit 34)
  • Impact of The Use of IT on Business Systems (Unit 35)

2003 Sept - 2008 July

Brecon High School



GCSE Course Structure

  • Mathematics
  • Double Science
  • Religious Education
  • Welsh
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Physical Education
  • Graphics
  • Art
  • Design & Technology - Resistant Materials


  • Leigh Dineen

    Vice Chairman at Swansea City Football Club

    "We are committed to investing in the local community, and this includes investment in people and skills. Software Alliance Wales and Swansea University are renowned for producing best-of-breed IT students so we were delighted to be able to utilise the enviable IT skills of three of their brightest students and at the same time give them some business experience for their CVs."

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge

Hobbies And Interests

  • Football


  • Photography


  • Squash


  • Movies


  • Technology


  • Golf


  • Music



  • Java
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • Google Analytics
  • Python
  • Prolog
  • Haskell
  • C#
  • SVN Repositories
  • Objective C
  • C++/C
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • SEO

My latest work


  • Python - Twitter Bot

    Software Development

  • Safaricom MPD Next Generation

    iOS/Android/Web Development

  • Team Tours Direct (2)

    Web Development

  • TTD Management Website

    Web Development

  • Super Cup Series Websites (5)

    Web Development

  • MPD Rising Stars Website

    Web Development

  • Team Tours Direct Website

    Web Development

  • Code Wizard Pro 2

    Web Development

  • Swansea City FC SmartPhone Application

    IOS/Software Development

  • Java Photo Editor

    Software Development

  • Java CSV Reader

    Software Development

  • (REST API) Chat App

    Web Development

  • Android Contact App

    Web Development

  • ASP.Net Rock Paper Scissors Game

    Web Development

  • Java Blackjack Game

    Software Development


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